Firefox 4: Destroyer of Memory

I loved my Firefox 3.6, even though it wasn't the best memory citizen nor the fastest browser out there. However, because of its vast number of extensions, it was my preferred browser by several a long shot. What I liked the most was that it handled my 30-or-so perpetually-open tabs very well (with lots of assistance from Tab Mix Plus).

Firefox 4 is abysmal (by comparison or on its own). It has an enormous memory leak that renders my system unusable after an hour or two of using it. I checked memory usage with MacOSX's Activity Monitor and Firefox 4 was using more memory than Eclipse (a notorious memory hog) and had paged around 2 GB of virtual memory.

As much as I miss Tab Mix Plus and my other extensions, I had to switch to Chrome.  Yes, I could go back to Firefox 3.6...but I don't feel like Mozilla deserves it.

Please Mozilla, fix Firefox 4.0. I don't love using Chrome, but you leave me no other choice.